Pros and Cons of Distance Learning: Information for Students

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning: Information for Students

Distance learning has marked a shift in education. Today, working students tend to opt for online learning. Distance education is considered to be less time-, and money-consuming. However, still, the majority of students prefer traditional way of education. So, who is right? What type of education is better? This article provides information for students about pros and cons of distance learning.

Advantages of distance learning

More and more people choose online education. Today, almost everybody has computer and Internet access, which makes getting education in some far situated college easier. Foreign students get the chance not to leave their country to enter college abroad. Here are some more benefits of online education:

  1. The major advantage of online learning is that it allows studying at home. For various reasons some students may experience some problems with college attendance. Thus, online learning is their saving grace.
  2. Secondly, students who have a job should not worry about missed classes. As there will be none. Online students can plan their schedules and study whenever they can.
  3. Students have the possibility to take part in online discussions that imitate usual classes. It is possible to record some speaking tasks on video and use e-mail.
  4. It is a great possibility to socialize with students from all over the country.
  5. And, finally, online courses do not require additional payment for housing.

Disadvantages of distance learning

Distance learning also has some negative sides:

  1. It is obvious that online education is largely dependent on the Internet. So, in case something happens to computer, a student will have to miss classes.
  2. Living in another time zone, it is difficult to calculate the deadlines.
  3. Online courses do not give enough personal, face-to-face communication.
  4. A student should be very determined and motivated. Otherwise, he/she will lag behind without strict schedule.