Benefits and Drawbacks of Distance Learning: Tips and Tricks

Benefits and Drawbacks of Distance Learning: Tips and Tricks

Today, one can get education without literary even going to college every day. This process can be done online. Various colleges and universities provide such type of studies for every student. However, some students hesitate about benefits of online learning. This article provides advantages and disadvantages of distance education for students.

Pros of distance learning

Distance education is a relatively new type of education. However, many students have experienced it and found a lot of benefits:

  1. First of all, it is easily accessible to all kinds of students. Now, it does not matter where one lives or what country he/she is from. Online learning provides interactive courses for students so that they miss nothing in studies.
  2. The next major advantage is that online learning has no fixed class schedule. In other words, every student may choose time to study. In this way, students have time to do other things. Online courses can be accessed in any time of the day.
  3. Usually, the cost of online learning is lower than usual education. Moreover, there is no need to pay for housing. As a result, a student saves some money.
  4. Without necessity to go to college, there disappears necessity to use cars. Thus, there are no traffic and parking problems for online students.

Cons of distance learning

Despite a number of benefits, there are still some disadvantages:

    1. One should ensure that the school has necessary accreditation as not every online college is reliable.
    2. Attending online courses, a student does not have the possibility to experience campus life.
    3. Getting online education, it is difficult to feel a part of some students community without visiting college.

All in all, every student can find pros and cons in online education. So, it is up to him/her what type of learning to choose.