Balancing Work and Studies: Information for Students

Balancing Work and Studies: Information for Students

Since college education is very expensive, many students decide to take a part-time job. However, combining job and studies requires many time-management skills. Very often, students who have a job tend to spend less time for learning. Thus, it is considered that student’s job negatively affect the way they study. This article provides useful tips for students how to balance work and studies and not to miss on anything.

Questions to consider

Before searching for job, a student should ensure that he/she can manage both tasks simultaneously. Thus, he/she should answer the following questions about:

  • His/her abilities to be organized, accurate, self-disciplined;
  • His/her abilities to manage the time properly;
  • Will there be any free time for rest?
  • Is the job worth time spent?
  • Will the job bring some useful experience?

A student should know that combining job and studies is difficult. Whatever people may say, it still requires a lot of time, effort, energy, and stamina.

Balancing work and studies

In case a student is determined to work, he/she should opt for part-time job. One should always remember that learning is the most important thing in college. So, when having a job, consider the following guidelines:

  1. First of all, a student should discuss it with his/her counselor. This discussion will help to understand if a student can cope with both activities.
  2. A student should write down pros and cons of combining school and work. This is a very important step, so everything should be taken into consideration.
  3. Furthermore, a student should make a plan of working and learning, which will help him/her stay organized.
  4. Finally, a working student should have rest any time it is possible to avoid stresses.